Mighty Memoir--Beginning with the end in Mind!

It always helps to know what the final product looks like. My son and daughter completed this assignment over the past two years. While she didn’t receive an E, her book visually is exactly what I’m looking for. She has a cover that lets me know it’s hers, her paragraphs fit nicely in the photo album, and she has backing on everything to make it look nice.

The writing is key though. While my daughter is a good writer, note that there are mistakes even though I was her teacher. This is as much an independent product as you can make it. While I could have made sure that everything was perfect, it was important for me to see what she could independently. I did work with her to an extent, but I didn’t do anything that I would expect other parents in my class to do. After all, this is a book about your children.

Maggie wrote her paragraphs, edited, and typed some of them herself. I did type them with her, and make sure that she had each piece of a good paragraph.

Please note that this is posted as a resource, not to copy. My expectations are that parents can use this as a model!

Here is Maggie’s “Mighty Memoir.” I’ll share more examples next week!

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