Another Mighty Memoir Example!!!

I wanted to share with you a few Mighty Memoirs that have been done in the past. Again, these are only to show you some of the products that I’ve seen in the past, regarding rigor and extension. This student is now a senior in high school, but did this project as a fifth grader many years ago. He didn’t consider himself a great writer, but was determined to do everything that he could to score an “E.”

Note a few things:

  • A cover page (so I know whose book it is before I open it, and name would be helpful as well)

  • a backing for everything, that is creative and colorful

  • stickers and drawings, whenever possible, to add to his “E” attempt

  • Incredibly full, detailed paragraphs, THAT HE WROTE HIMSELF (I often have to tell students I want to grade their work, not their parents…;) ). They aren't perfect, but they are his...and remember, this is an early attempt

  • Christian also had an interesting page in his book that I didn’t share, that just had bulleted points about himself, that wasn’t a part of the rubric, but again, was a wonderful extension of “text structure” that we discuss during our Language Arts units this year.

All children are different, but with six weeks of time, they can do amazing things!

See Christian’s Mighty Memoir by clicking “Read More” below:

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