The Mighty Memoir!!!

Over the next several days and weeks, we'll be working on our first writing project, the Mighty Memoir!!Mighty Memoir packet. Please note that while this is a home project, we will spend approximately five hours working on this project at school, if not more!

In this post, I am simply posting the children’s packet that they will receive the day that we start the project. This is the packet that not only contains their project, but it also contains their twenty choices for their ten paragraphs.

A couple of notes:

The photos that the children have to “take” don’t have to be like Mike Nichols, although if they are taking pictures, it would be neat for them to try (I’ll be posting a powerpoint later on what those pictures look like). Students can use existing photos, can pull photos off the internet, and can even draw, if it suits them.

Students are allowed to do more than ten, but my suggestion is that they get ten done, complete their photo book, then work on “extra.”

PARENTS ARE ALLOWED TO TYPE! My suggestion is always to let your children type a sentence or two, and for parents to finish for them. I’m not grading them on typing.

If you need a photo book, send in $1.00. I pick up a few every day from various locations across Erie. Dollar General and Dollar Tree have them, if I haven’t bought them already.

Students can make their own photo books out of construction paper, if they are “small.”

Here is the rubric/packet:

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