Mrs. Miller's Reading Homework: Read 20 minutes per night (Monday-Thursday) and record on the reading log found in the reading/writing section of the Homework Agenda chart.  80 minutes read per week = $5 in "Miller Bucks."  Less than 80 minutes read per week will result in no "Miller Bucks" and time made up during recess.  More than 80 minutes read per week will result in bonus "Miller Bucks."

You can read library books or books from home as part of your 20 minutes of nightly reading.  You may also read your black and white books from our reading program that will begin coming home in October.  In addition, you may also borrow my classroom library books to read at home.  Lastly, you can log in to and access books and quizzes at your level to read as part of your 20 minutes of nightly reading.  A free RAZ-kids app is available, as well.  If a quiz is passed on the first try, do not forget to write it down on your Comprehension Quiz Log!

Teacher username: msarah1

Password: Student's 8 digit school ID #

Mrs. Miller's Word Study Homework:

Your child will receive 1 to 2 passages to take home per week as part of our LOGIC word study program. These passages use decodable text that include both old and new skills we have learned in class. These passages CAN be read as part of their 20 minutes of required nightly reading homework. They can be titled as “LOGIC Passage” on their HW Agenda reading log.


In addition of being able to be used as part of their 20 minutes of nightly reading, your child is required to complete the following activities as HOMEWORK along with each passage. These activities are required and the passage(s) must be turned in on Fridays with the required activities completed:


1). All words with the new skill must be highlighted or underlined in the passage (new skill will be written at the top of each passage).


2). Your child must practice reading these passages with fluency throughout the week. Therefore, when your child reads the passage for the first time, please time them or have them time themselves and then write down how long it took them on the line next to “First Read Time.” Then challenge them to beat their original time at the end of the week (and correct mistakes if there were any) and write their time on the line next to “Last Read Time” for each passage. The passages must be turned in every Friday with the required activities completed and a parent signature to receive credit.

This Week's Skills:

Mrs. Miller will be reviewing various skills and strategies this year, as well as, introducing new concepts. Please refer to the Homework Agenda to view student's homework.

We are currently working on building our sentence writing skills and using those skills to create weekly paragraphs. We will eventually turn our paragraphs into full pieces of writing!