Our classroom economy is a huge motivator. We use it to teach life skills of responsibility, math, and creativity. Students apply for jobs, receive salaries, pay rent, and can even start a business and/or become a landlord.  The JOB APPLICATION and CLASSIFIDES are below. Students can be fined for not doing their job as a person or student, but they can also earn extra money by working hard and impressing their employers (AKA...their teachers). We call this extra money bonus money. We have bonus money opportunities avalable in school and/or available to print right here.

McKean4th Economy Docs

Online Application Form

Success! Application Received!!!

Bonus Money Opportunities

Language Arts 


I have attached 10 multiplication pages. You can print these at school or home. Bonus money can be turned in to your teacher's Bonus Money folder in the hallway. Each page gets you $5 if you are in debt or $2 if you are just trying to make money.

Good Luck!!!      -Mr. Hutch & Mrs. McIntire

Science/Social Studies